Top Ten craziest Hats

If you are a hat lover then check out the following funny, interesting and crazy hats:

 1)Johnny Depp Mad Hatter with hair:  Enjoy Johnny Depp's new movie "Alice in Wonderland" with this amazing hairy hat.

 2)USA Peace Hand Hats:  Ideal for peace lovers. It costs $19.50. 

 3) Missing Milk Hats: Especially designed for Milk lovers.

   4)Green & White St Patty's Three Point Jester Hat: This hat is made of 100% cotton velvet, has a foam interior for durability and support, and has an adjustable velcro strap to accommodate various head sizes.

  5)Rotten Teacher's pet:  This hand sewn and spray painted, this velcro adjustable headpiece allows you to "educate" everyone you meet at the concert, party, parade and club.

6)Squid Hats: Made from snuggly-warm polyester fleece this guy will hug you long into those cold nights. Also makes a wonderful decorative pillow.

7)Coffe or Tea Felted HatsCoffee or Tea Felted Hats: Tea hat comes with a tea bag in the flavor of your choice.Coffee hat can be served black or with a swirl of cream. They are all handmade hats.

8)Viking HatsViking Hats: This cozy, wool-blend hat is perfect for chasing away both wintry chills and rival Norse warriors.

9)The Bathroom Hat:  Intended to remind you when you have body odour.

10)Mushroom hats: This handmade hat is great for any fun event where mushrooms are appreciated.
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