Weirdest Festivals Around the Globe

There are many different festivals in the Earth. Some are funny and cool,  while some are weird.

1)  Burning Man Festival: This festival takes place in Black Rocket Desert in Nevada. This festival takes place for a week and participants express their art, music and also famous for nudity.

2)  Baby Jumping Festival: The festival takes place in Spain. A man dressed as a devil jumps over babies to make them free from any sin.

3)Wife Carrying Championship: Actually it is not a festival but a sporting event held in Australia where you have to lift your wife or girlfriend on your back. 

4)Day of the Dead Festival: It takes place in Mexico where relatives of the deceased hold ceremonies at their graves.

5)Oktoberfest: This is a well known festival in Germany where lots of Bavarian Beer served.

6)Viking Festival: It takes placein Spain and people dress up as Vikings to re-enact past Viking raids.

    7)Goat Tossing Festivals: Another Spanish festival where goat is thrown from the upper story of a bell tower and the crowds below attemp to cath the goat with a sheet.

                                          8)Gothic and Steampunk Festival in Germany.

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