Too Weak To Work But Too Fit To Claim Benefits


Nicola Hobbs, 19 year old, was told by an employer that she is too ill for the position.  Then jobless Nicola applied for employment support, but this time her application was turned down on the ground that she is too fit for any unemployment benefits.


          Nicola underwent a routine health-check for a position at a council's children's centre and found that she was not physically fit enough for the position. Nicola is recovering from a five-year-battle with anorexia.  Nicola decided to stay at home and claim benefits.  However, this time she was refused on the ground that Nicola has not any limited capability for work, thus she is not eligible for any benefits. The spokesman for the Department of Work and Pensionsmentioned that Miss Hobbs would be able to apply for other benefits.

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