Top Five Contraceptive Finds

As we know that contraceptives (condoms) are the best way to stay away from sexually transmitted disease (STD) while having pleasure.  Here are some collection of weird and interesting contraceptives that you might be willing to try at least once.

5) The Pope Condom:

Quite funny to see the Pope in a condom with the tag line reading "I said no". Source:ilovebadthings

4)Anti Rape Condoms:

The Rape-axe is specially designed to stop crimes like rape and protect women from being attacked, that contains series of sharp microscopic barbs inside it.  The Rape-aXe can only be surgically removed once it is embedded, so the attacker would be easily identified at the hospital. netorama

3)50 Cent Condoms:  


No this is not the condom's price tag, a brand of condom by Hip-Hop star 50 Cent.  50 Cent has launched the branded condoms to spread  HIV/AIDS awarness and donate part of the proceeds to that cause. abcnews  

2)Musical Condoms:

  Interesting theme!!!! This condom plays music while having intercourse.  Musical condoms by  Inventor Spot contains a chip-controlled piezoelectric sound transducer which plays a melody or voiced message when during intercourse the contacts of the sound-playing unit are closed and the transducer is activated. inventorspot

  1)Hi-Tech Condoms:
Sensis Quickstrips condoms are specially designed to offer maximum protection.  The condom features plastic strips that help to unroll the condom simply and quickly. trendhunter

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