Weird eyelashes

 Some may find these eyelashes very innovative and attractive while some would say they are freaky enough. Check some amazing, but  weird and freaky a bit, collection of eyelashes.

 1)Long eyelashes:
           Japanese blogger Geisha Asobi created self designed eyelash by using her hair. Sorry Geisha you look very scary with those eyelashes. image:boingboing

   2) Illuminated eyelashes:
         These LED eyelashes are designed by a Korean designer Soomi Park. She terms these eyelashes as Asian women’s desire for bigger eyes. This special eyelash is powered by a small battery that lies behind the ear. Image:fashioningtech

3)Paperclip eyelashes:
       These amazing eyelashes are created by Viktor & Rolf and Shu Uemura, who is false eyelashes expert. By wearing these $50 eyelashes would give a flirtatious charm. image: trendhunter

  4)Lace eyelashes:  
   Shu Umera's Lace eyelashes are range of collection from the Tokyo Lash Bar 200. These eyelashes represent the artistic design of the creator. image:shuumera

 5)Paper eyelashes:
      These eyelashes are from paper design firm Paperself that feature the Chinese art of paper cutting.  These eyelashes represnt the traditional symbols of China. image: trendhunter
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