Four Unusual Jeans

 Jeans, being the most common clothing material in the planet regardless of age, sex, race and appearance. Here are collections of some unusual jeans that you might dare to wear.

  4)Sugarcane Jeans:

  This unique jeans made by a Japanese Company(Sugar Cane & Co.) from sugae cane. Sugar Cane Jeans are cut from original and truly outstanding Japanese selvage denim. For many years the method of using sugar cane for jeans were kept secret but in modern days they are no longer secret anymore, and attracting global attention. How it is made? The byproducts from sugar is actually used. Jeans by Sugar Cane & Co are hand made. By using an ancient Japanese technique, cotton and sugar cane yarns are dyed completely by hands, and only natural indigo dyes are used. (Source: Kitmeout)

3)Open back waist jeans:

 This Denim is specially designed for men by Rufskin. Rufskin is famous for making and designing low waist jeans for guys. This piece of Denim has open back waist line with buckle adjustment.Would you dare to wear Rufskin's jeans? (Source:Rufskin).

2)Bikini Jeans: 

A Japanese company named Sannas designed such jeans. Actually Sannas is a Brazilian Company located in Osaka-Japan, with the goal of bringing the best of Brazilian fashion in Japan.  Get Brazilian brand at Japanese price. (Source: Sannas).

 1)Eco friendly Jeans: 


Such jeans are from Levi’s RED lab and inspired by the typical workwear uniform of the Amish community. 92% of the raw materials are used to produce each individual garment, with the remaining fabric being used to produce collectible Levi’s RED packaging. (Source: Trendhunter).
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