Controversial Tattoos on animals

Tattooing is an ancient practice by humans and normally they are done for decorative body modification. Tattoos have gained popularity in many parts of the world and it became evident with pop culture. Tatoos symbolise status and rank, spiritual devotion, decorations for bravery, sexual lures and marks of fertility, pledges of love, punishment etc. and the meaning of symbol varies in different places and cultures.

Tattoos on animals is not something new. Tattoos on animals are commonly used for identification and branding. But in modern world, pets are used as  fashion accessories and tattooing an animal is regarded as barbaric and shows cruelty.

  1)Tattoo on the Sphynx cat:
Image via: Mirror                                                   

   Sphynx cat is a rare Canadian hairless cat originated in Roncesvalles, Toronto. In 2009 a controversial tattoo was carried out on a Sphynx cat with the Tutankhamun design on the chest. The animal rights activists in Moscow objected the practice and feared that such practice would spread overseas. 

    2)Pig tattoo:     
Image via: Wimdelvoye
 Belgian Wim Delvoye is famous for tattooing pigs. He is also know as "the artist with the pigs". His tattoos depict guns, skulls, hearts, roses etc. and the pigs go under the painful needle work for hours. 

  3)Tattooed Fish: 

Image via: Underwatertimes
 Originated in Singapore and HongKong, the actual process of tattooing a fish is still unknown. Some assume that the fish is put in a clear tube and then with help of a laser the tattoo is made. While some believe that traditional needle and ink method are used for tattooing a fish. It is obvious that the creature undergoes hours of painful needle work. 


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