Five Modern Eco-friendly Stadiums

Stadium. Credit: Dreamstime

In ancient times Greek and Romans were believed to host sporting events in a place that is surrounded  either by a partly or fully enclosed structure where thousands of spectators can watch the event. The first modern stadium was used in 1870 for the Olympic Games. Since then the stadiums have been rapidly changing in terms of design and structure. Nowadays designers are more concentrating on sustainability. Here are the top five eco-friendly concept stadiums.


  5)Los Angeles NFL Stadium:
Image via:Archdaily
  The NFL stadium in Los Angeles is a LEED certified stadium that is designed by Aedas Sports. The stadium has a total 75,000 seat capacity. The Stadium will utilize upto 40% less steel and includes reduced CO2 emissions and recycled initiatives, which will result in a significant decrease in hazardous environmental effects associated with transportation and manufacturing of materials. The proposed stadium was completed in 2013.

   4)Dalian Shide Stadium: 
Image via: Archdaily
 Dalian Shide Stadium in China is a live example of an environmentally sustainable structure. Global architectural firm NBBJ  proposed a special design for the stadium which is dubbed as "The Garden Stadium".  The stadium generates power from the integrated wind turbines and wind panels built in the walls as well as the roofs. The water will be naturally collected and irrigated and used for toilet flushing, irrigation, air conditioning and fire fighting. The structure consists of environmental friendly walls that help to reduce green house gases and filter air pollution.

  3)Yatch Race Stadium of San Francisco:
Image via: Inhabitat                                                        
    San Francisco is planning to unveil an eco-friendly stadium for the 34th America Cup Yatch race. The proposed stadium is expected to be built between the Bay Bridge and the Ball park. Architectural firm Skidmore, Owing and Merril will design the plan for the stadium. The stadium will feature an array of sustaibanle design such as rainwater harvesting and a sail like a canopy integrated with solar panels. The solar panles will provide a daylit shelter for the spectators. The stadium also features a recycled mast which keeps the ring afloat. 
"The incorporation of green design seems obvious for an event that is based on harnessing the wind."(Inhabitat).

   2)Qatar's Solar Powered Stadiums:
Image via: Trendhunter
   In the middle of 2010 FIFA, Qatar has announced its willingness to host the 2022 FIFA tournament and promised to erect three environmental friendly stadiums that will be powered by solar energy. Each of these stadiums will have different designs. Qatar's fortunate to host the football event will depend on FIFA's announcement in December this year. 

 1)The Moses Mabhid Stadium:
Image via:Inhabitat                                                         
  The FIFA 2010 semi-final was held in Durban's "The Moses Mahbid Stadium".  Named after the former General Secretary of the South African Communist Party, Moses Mahbida, the stadium features an array eco-friendly design. The stadium is fitted with PTFE roof membrance that allows natural lights for the spectators. The stadium has also natural ventilation, energy efficient cooling systems and also collects rainwater. The stadium was built from 30,000 cubic meters of concrete demolition material.  

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