Unusual animal shelters

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Providing a shelter to abandoned animals is always good. Spotting stray animals in the street is really very heartbreaking. Thankfully there are people who really care for these abandoned animals by providing shelter and food. Here are two examples of unusual animal shelters.

  1)Brazil's Dog favela: 
Image via: Odditycentral


You can describe it as an animal slum. Located in Brazil's southern city of Caxias do Sul, the shelter accomodates more than 1,600 dogs and 200 cats. The shelter is run by the So Ama organisation and it costs over $14,000 a month to run. But the organisation works hard to keep all the animals healthy and tries to find loving and caring homes for those animals.

 2)Caboodle Ranch:
Image via: Discovery

 It is specially built for abandoned cats. Caboodle Ranch was built by Craig Grant who once hated cats very much. The shelter has 660 cats but none of them are for adoption. Caboodle Ranch can be supported by way of donation.  


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