The Vampire Fountain

The Vampire Fountain is the creepiest thing I have ever seen. Featured in Hammacher Schlemmer, the dracula fountain features a dracula character holding a woman's head.

 "This vampire fountain emits a stream of blood from its fanged mouth while clutching a recently decapitated head. An internal pump continuously circulates ordinary water, colored with red food coloring (not included), out of the vampire's mouth, down its shirt, and into a basin hidden in his lap. Crafted of resin, the vampire has the deep facial furrows, striking pallor, and demonic, piercing red eyes of a nocturnal demon who's risen to stalk unsuspecting prey. The vampire's black cape and formal attire belie the malevolence he's certain to bring to a Halloween display" (Hammacher Schlemmer).

Images via: Trendhunter

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