Steampunk jewelery

 If you are steampunk lover then Daniel Prolux's awsome wire- wrapped steampunk jewelery will surely appeal you. Daniel is Montreal based artist who is very interested in science fictions and also loves the fantasy world of The Lord of the rings as well as Dungeons and Dragons. He started to work as a steampunk artist in 2008 when his close friend gave him lessons and after spending several hours a day, Daniel perfected in the art. He was so obssessed with the art that he even quit his job and concentrated on steampunk jeweleryfull time. His hardwork became fruitful, some of his steampunk jewelery creations got featured in French fashion magazine Clindoeli and newspaper Le Voir. Daniel was also interviewed by Roger Collier of Ottawa Magazine. Enjoy some steampunk goodies from Daniel inside.

Images via:danielproulx



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