8 Pizza Related Peculiar Products

Pizza is the most popular fast food that people are crazy about. Despite being a cultural food of Italy, this famous junk food item is being eaten all around the world. Available in different flavours, tastes and toppings, there are many products that make the popular item tastier and most sought-after food.

 1)Pizza Beret: 

Pizza Beret is a funny and adorable hat that looks like a real pizza. Designed to be worn by people of all ages, the Pizza Beret is not only funny looking but also exhibits the love for the popular junk food item.

2)The Porta-Pizza Oven:

 Now you can have a small pizza party in your car. The Porta-Pizza Oven lets you to cook and warm pizza while driving. The product can be easily plugged into car's cigarette lighter and features high and low settings. This amazing and recession-proof product can be purcahsed online from Stupidiotic for just $36.

3)Presto Pizzazz Pizza Oven: 

An adorable product that lets you to bake fresh and forzen pizzas within minutes. This energy saving oven take half the time required by traditional pizza ovens. There are many useful features to ensure proper baking. Not just pizza, with this Presto Pizzazz Pizza oven one can even prepare fish fillets, chicken nuggets, cinnamon rolls and even cookies.

4)Pizza Pi Cutter:

Inspired by the mathematical symbol for Pi, this unusual pizza cutter will surely make the mathematicians hungry for the delicious fast food item. Featuring double stainless steel blades, the Pizza Pi Cutter slices the pizza crust quickly just like any other conventional cutter.

5)Domino Pizza Hero Game: 

Ever wondering to become a master pizza chef? The Domino Pizza Hero Game lets you to fulfill your dreams come true. It is an iPad app that lets you to personalize pizzas and order them from a local chain. Users earn points for every pizzas they create and at expert level the app lets make real-life pizzas. The social media freindly app allows you to share your special pizza items on social networking sites.

6)The Pizza Pie Pillow: 

A cuddly cushion ideal for real pizza lovers. The pillow is adorned with non-edible cheese, olives, pepperoni that make the pillow very real. The back part of Pizza Pie Pillow is also printed with images of dough thus making it very realistic cushion to have some tasty  dreams.

7)VIP Fridge Magnet: 

It allows you to order pizzas online any time. Unfortunately this facility is available only in Dubai. The VIP Fridge Magnet is in the shape of a pizza box and connected to internet via smartphone. Just push the magnet to place an order and it will send a confirmation to phone. The device is connected to Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai.

8)Pizza Proposal Box: 

This is a special package from Pizza Hut only for lovers to propose their loved ones. The package is complete with essential ingredients needed for proposal and to have a perfect romantic dinner. Priced at $10,010, the romantic package comes with a ruby ring, limo service, flowers, professional photographer and videographer, fireworks display and an additional mouth-watering $10 dinner box. Unfortunately this special package is not available anymore.

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