August 5, 2021

The Hottest Pizza in the World Includes Bhoot Jolokia

Saltdean Sizzler

The Saltdean Sizzler is the world’s hottest pizza and it has been officially confirmed by The Warwick University after conducting a test. The spicy Italian dish is a creation from Paul Brayshaw, the owner of Paul’s Pizza in Saltdean, England. His special ingredient for the spiciest pizza includes Bhoot Jolokia or Ghost Chili, world’s hottest chili, mixed with special chili paste. Using a home-made dough with usual toppings such as mozzarella, sauce and tomatoes, Paul’s spicy dish is an unbearable hot delicacy and only the braves can dare to eat the 10-inch food item.

  Paul has sold over 1,300 hot pizzas and only nine people managed to eat all the slices. (via)

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