August 4, 2021

Fairytale Palm Art

palm art

Just with a gel pen and watercolors artist Svetlana Kolosova can create amazing detailed canvas on palm of the hand. The Moscow based artist’s amazing fairytale palm canvas are colorful and intricate featuring some fictional characters and scenes from her imagination. It takes at least two to three hours to apply paint on her palm which lasts at least one day because they have to be washed away next day.

  Svetlana’s palm paintings are heavily inspired by works of authors such as Hans Christian Andersen and Antione de Saint Exupery, that can be seen in her drawings. According to the artist, the characters in palm canvas can move simply  by compressing and decompressing hand a little and even bending fingers make them dynamic.

  Svetlana invented her stunning hobby five years ago and she believes that her palm art adds a living aspect to her work that cannot be attained through a traditional canvas.

Enjoy some of Svetlana’s incredible paintings on Mailonline.

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