July 29, 2021

World’s First Cow Milk Vodka

Black Cow vodka2

Jason Barber, an English farmer from Dorset, has made the world’s first cow milk vodka that has become popular among A-list celebrities and even famous restaurants in England are serving the posh drink. After spending three years of research Jason launched his own vodka brand, named Black Cow.

  The 47-year-old farmer has a special interest in vodka and came with an idea of creating a special drink from fresh milk after watching a documentary on how people from Tuva use milk to make vodka. Barber’s farm has 250 cows and uses their milk to create curd and whey. Whey is later fermented into beer and with the help of yeast, it is converted into alcohol, which is distilled water. The milk beer then goes through a blending process resulting in a smooth creamy drink.

  The world’s first dairy product vodka costs between $35 to $40.

Black Cow vodka

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