$150,000 Car Wash is Only for the Rich Car Collectors

The Ultimate Shine's car washing service costs more than your car. The Scotland based company gives an ultimate shine to cars for a whopping price of $150,000. According to the owner, Paul Wilkins, the service is only for rich car collectors who keep their collections in temperature controlled room and for which they need special washing  service to keep their cars shining. Paul offers a wolrdwide service and  travels whenever he is called for his special cleaning service.

   Pauls adopts a very special cleaning process to ensure that no marks and stains are left. His company even offers luxury wax services including Carnauba wax that could cost upto $100,000. Carnauba wax is collected from tall trees located in a secret place in Brazil.

 Somtimes it takes a  month to clean a car, according to Paul.(image)

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