10 Fun Apps You Should Install

There are thousands of apps available for your smartgadgets. These apps are designed to make your gadgets smarter and enhance their functionalities. Most of them are compatible with latest gadgets and offer you innovative ways to explore the features of your smartgadgets and get most from them.

Here is a list of ten apps you should install.

1)The Abode Photoshop App:

Available for Android tablets and phones, iPad and iPhone. With this app yo can give professional touch to images and share images on social media sites.
2)Domino Pizza App:


3)Face Stealer App:

With this app you can blend features of a photo with a self taken photo to get a very creepy result. A good app to have some fun with your personal photos.

4)Human to Cat Translator:

With this app you can understand your pet well. This app claims to translate your voice into meows and there are 175 different cat sounds that will help you to interact with felines.


6)The Nametrix App:

This fun app can be perfect for parents eager to know potential baby names and interesting statistics surronding a name. It suggests most popular names of the century and are they likely to be Republican or Democrat.

7)Google Keep:


8)Urine Test App:

This app tests urine easily. It analyzes test strips by taking photos of it and compares the color of strip to a color coded map.  
This app is specially for heart-broken users. The simple and user-friendly app easily deletes Facebook feeds of an ex.

10)Newspaper App for Kids:

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