Plus-Size Lingerie

Josephine Swim's Plus-Size Lingerie Designs are Bold and Beautiful.

Plus-Size Lingerie

The high-waisted lingerie has been trendy over the past few years, and the trend has carried over into swimsuits. But can high-waisted bikinis work for everyone?

The key is knowing which styles are best for your body type. With the popularity of the look, here are the best high-waisted undergarment designs you need to wear this summer.

Josephine Swim's 'Into the Wild' is a line of swimsuits for plus-size figures.

Designed by Marie-Jean Baptiste, the designer swimwear features a broad range of styles and shapes inspired by high-waisted lingerie of the '70s.

Baptiste's debut collection is bold and amazing swimwear for curvy women who can use them on their dream vacation.  via

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