October 19, 2021

Bone Bikes: Moo-torcycle is Sculpted from Cow Bones

Bone Motorcycle 001

Sculptor Reese Moore’s Moo-torcycle is a handcrafted two-wheeler sculpted from cow bones. Using bovine skulls and bones, the bone sculpture is cleverly assembled to give the shape of a two-wheeler. The backs of each cow is used to construct the wheels, while the giant skull with horns acts as the handle of the bike.

  Moore has so far created just 9 such bone sculptures and his next project is to build a flying dinosaur. Creating such a bone sculpture is time consuming, usually takes a year, because it requires to be build from scratch which involves placing the bones in a clever way to give a unique shape.

Bone Motorcycle 002
Bone Motorcycle 003
Bone Motorcycle 005

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