May 18, 2021

Social Media Film Scripts: A Fan Tweets Entire Script of Film Speed


To celebrate 20th anniversary of the action movieSpeed“, a fan has set a twitter page dedicated to the movie. Michaela McCan is tweeting every line of the movie from her @speed_1994 account. There are mixed reactions to her tweets such as, “The account @Speed_1994 is tweeting Speed’s dialogue one line at a time, because this is what we do with our society now.” and @Speed_1994 must tweet 55 times per hour or it will exploooooode.”

She has also got complimentary tweets from HMV and Sky Movie. HMV tweeted:”This is genius; a user by the name @Speed_1994 is tweeting the entire dialogue of Jan De Bont‘s classic movie. Up to Harry’s leg accident.” Sky Movie has mentioned that Speed is being tweeted for some reason.