July 26, 2021

Tattooed Bike from Poland is First of its Kind

tattooed motorcycle

 Polish tattoo artists Tomasz Lech and Krysztof Krolak created a maginificent tattooed motorcycle, believed to be the only one in the world. It was created as part of project Game Over Cycles with an aim to bring art and bike together and symbolizes a story of a strong man and his sense of freedom.

  The artists spent more than 250 hours using the most sophisticated tattoo equipment to accomplish the most difficult and challenging work assigned to them. The wheels, seat, tank and fender of the bike is covered in light colored leather. The stunning inked two-wheeler was also displayed at the Custom Bike Show in Germany and it was awarded as the best bike in ‘Best Paint/Airbrush’ category.

tattooed motorcycle2
tattooed motorcycle5


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