Domino's Driverless Pizza Delivery Scooter

Domino is offering a very special service to its UK customers that will save their valuable time and enjoy the food chain's tasty item. The Domi-no-Driver, as its is called, will be able to carry four times more than a traditional human driven pizza scooters.

   The autonomous scooter features is controlled via GPS technology and has an interface that navigates the vehicle. It also features a special technology that identfies potential obstacles.

   In order to get this special service customers can download a special from Donimo's website. When the delivery scooter reaches its destination, it automatically sends a code to the customer that allows to unlock the correct pizza compartment.

   This special service was lanched on 1st of April. If this is not an April Fool's Joke then this technology is going to offer very special experience to pizza lovers.

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