The Cat with Creepy Alien Eyes

Matilda is a two years old cat suffering from a rare disease that made her eyes look like those of an alien. Her unique appearance has given her a fame online, but the truth is that her condition is getting worse as she grows older. She has an Instagram page with more than 33,000 and it is still growing.

  Matilda's website mentions, “Matilda lives with her loving servants who include The Bearded Man, The Lady and Dog.  “She was born on Valentine’s Day in 2013 in a hoarder house in a small town, and was quickly picked up by a rescue society. When she found her forever home she was only 12 weeks old and the cutest, teensiest thing that anyone had ever seen.” 

  Matilda's owners refer themselves as her servants. Her servants have even set up a GoFundme page to raise funds that will be needed for her surgery in future. Matilda was adopted by her servants who later discovered that her littermates also developed mysterious eye condition. Matilda is under proper care and her servants have decided with the veterinary opthalmologist's support that they would let Matilda's eyes do what they naturally would and she would not undergo any surgery that did not appear helpful.


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