These Undergarments Cost more than $ Million (Top ten list)

Galaxy Bra

These ultra-luxurious extraordinary undergarments will cost you more than a $ million. From bedazzled bras to diamond encrusted lingerie, these undergarment pieces are meant only for luxury loving ladies who dare to spend millions for their outrageous collection.

The Bollywood ORRA Diamond Bra:

$ 1.3 Million Diamond Bra:

$10 Million Victoria's Secret Fantasy Bra:


$2 Million Damiani Diamond Encrusted Bra:

$3 Million Bra:

$6.5 Million Undergarment:

$1.3 Dollar Sapphire and Diamond Encrusted Bra:

18 Carat Gold Bra:

The Cooper Leopard Swarovski Bra:

$2 Million Fantasy Bras :

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