The Smartphone Espresso Maker

Mokase is an app-enabled espresso maker with a user-friendly design.

Smartphone espresso maker

Smart K, an Italian company, has come up with a smartphone case, Mokase, a design that doubles as a small espresso machine.

Perfect for those whose hectic lifestyle prevents them from enjoying a cup of coffee at a coffee shop or even from a vending machine. The simple concept allows users to have a shot of caffeine on the go, whenever and wherever they want.

   The cover is made of special materials that protect your smart device from any damage. It's elegant and user-friendly design allows users to have a warm in a few simple steps. Mokase features a cartridge, containing water and ground beans, that can be inserted into the side window of the case. An app has to be installed to heat the coffee just by clicking on the virtual cup button. It takes a few seconds to enjoy a flavored cup of coffee.

  Available in different flavors, the Mokase case can be purchased online for $50. Disposable coffee capsules in different packs can also be ordered for an extra charge. This amazing coffee making case is compatible with the latest smartphone models from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and LG. (via)


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