July 26, 2021

The World’s most Luxurious Coloring Book Costs more than $30,000

bespoke coloring book2

VeryFirstTo, an online luxury goods and services company, has made and designed a very special coloring book especially for the rich.  The Bespoke Coloring Book is the only luxury coloring book with illustrations based on client’s personal preferences and based on such information 10 illustrations will be drawn by renowned illustrator Ian Beck.

    Illustrations are made on handmade paper and hand bound by Masters Bookbinding, using ony traditional crafts and tools. Each coloring book will come with embossed leather cover and the recepient’s name will be highlighted in 24 carat gold foil.

   Especially for those who can afford, the coloring book can be ordered online on VeryFirstTo.

bespoke coloring book

bespoke coloring book4

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