B-Heat Keeps your Hand Warm while Riding a Motorbike in the Winter

Riding a bike in the cold winter is not a pleasant one especially when your fingers become stiff and unable to hold the clutch on your bike. Designer Byeongjun Kim has designed a very useful and effective solution for those who ride bikes for hours in harsh winter conditions.

  Kim designed B-Heat, a hot air system that recycles exhausted engine heat of the bike. Suitable for every bike, the system is attached to the Underbone, a popular style of motorcycles in many parts of Asia. Such motorbikes have an engine under the main body frame between the feet of the rider.

  While riding B-Heat directs the heat of the engine upward to the rider through tubes to keep their hands and body warmer.

    B-Heat is very easy to install and it does not require any special tools for installation.



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