9,606 Calories Giant Burger

The Quadruple Coronary Bypass burger is a giant and terrifying culinary creation that only two people have ever able to finish it. If you are a professional eater then this massive burger might be in your favorite food list.

  The super burger is created by The Vortex, a restaurant based in Atlanta, and it consists of two eight-ounce sirloin patties, four four-ounce sirloin patties, 28 slices of cheese, four fried eggs, 27 strips of bacon, eight thick slices of Texas toast and the whole burger is stuffed with grilled onions, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, relish and a special sauce called "Cheesy-Cheese Goo" for an extra flavor.

  The price of Quadruple Coronary Bypass burger also matches its size. If you are ready to take it down in one sitting then be ready to spare $80 for the massive food item. (via)
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