Autonomous Robotic Cafe and Bar

Carlo Ratti's Guido offers drinks to individuals in busy urban areas.
Guido. Credit: Dezeen

Italian architect Carlo Ratti has recently revealed his concept for a driverless robotic bar that would serve cocktails in busy urban areas.

The autonomous bar, also dubbed 'Guido', will be the world's first self-serving bar unit. Guido is only a concept, but Calo Ratti and his team are planning to make the concept into a reality.

The driverless bar will feature two mechanical arms to prepare and serve drinks in seconds. One arm is for shaking while the other arm is for pouring and serving drinks.

Guido will be packed with some additional features utilizing the latest technologies to reach customers. The autonomous bar unit would use self-driving technology and with help of an app, customers would be able to call Guido in their current location and order a drink. Guido can also scan customer's ID to verify their age and allows them to pay using mobile phones.

Guido's intention will be to offer new leisure experiences in an urban environment. (via)

Guido. Credit: Dezeen
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