Natural Wooden Drones

Eco-friendly wooden DIY drones
Aerowood. Credit: Indiegogo.

Aerowood is a fantastic modular wooden drone is the first of its kind that can be easily built from scratch and customized according to users preferences.

The drone kit includes 184 pieces of eco-friendly wooden components instead of traditional plastic parts.  Aerowood features sophisticated 720 HD camera and real-time transmission. The eco-friendly drone is also capable of hovering perfectly in the air with no drifting.

The drone can be assembled like a 3D jigsaw without using any glues or nails.  Users can also build their own remote control to have complete control over the drone.  The remote control is also made up of eco-friendly renewable and recyclable parts. The drone unit also an excellent STEAM educational option to help users to learn and understand the basics of drone functionality.

Aerowood is a perfect gift item for drone lovers of all ages who can make own unit from their home. (via)

Aerowood. Credit: Indiegogo

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