August 5, 2021

Trilight is a Multi-Functional Tool

Trilight. Credit: Kickstarter

The Trilight is a multifunctional tool designed by TX Lighting INC, a Los Angeles based company. The tool is multifunctional and extremely helpful for cars in a number of road conditions. The best part of Trilight is that it packs seven different useful functions into one compact.

Trilight can act as an electric warning triangle, light bar, work light and SOS light. Another unique and convenient feature of Trilight is that it can be used as a jump starter and a device charger. The multifunctional car tool is also water and dust resistant, and shock absorbent too. It can also withstand a rough and challenging environment. The product was relaunched on Kicstarter on January 2019 after a series of prototypes. (via)

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