Retro Style All Electric Hypercar

All Electric hypercar from Hispano Suiza
Hispano Suiza's Carmen. Credit: Hyperbeast

Hispano Suiza, a Spanish automotive company, has released new plans for its upcoming electric hypercar, which is expected to be revealed at the 2019 Geneva Auto Show. The company has not released any official details on the vehicle, but the model showcases retroelements of the 1938 model.

The electric hypercar will be built on a carbon fiber monocoque chassis and the operation will rely on QEV technologies. The car will draw inspiration from 1938 Dubonnet Xenia's pre-war design.

Hispano Suiza will produce only 19 of such electric cars and its nostalgic factor will definitely draw the attention of retro car enthusiasts.

The car is designed and assembled by hand in Barcelona, Spain, and it is available for pre-order from Hispano Suiza's official website.  (via)

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