A Dog's Ear Falls Off After Allergic Reaction to Dye

Dog's Ear Falls Off Due to Allergic Reaction to Fur Dye. Credit: Coconuts

An unnamed Thai dog owner has shared a tragic tale about the death of her Pomeranian's due to a severe allergic reaction to fur dye. The owner has come under fire after she revealed her dog's ear fell off due to too much dye.

Her story quickly went viral on Facebook and most commentators claimed that it is biologically not possible and accused her of faking the whole thing.  Bankok-basedCoconuts.co called a veterinarian at Rama 8 Pet Hospital to verify the pet owner's claim. The veterinarian said that it is biologically possible and due to the chemical reaction of the dye could have burnt off the dog's ear and fell off.

Pets are not fashion accessories and dog owners need to know that there is no safe way to dye an animal.

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