Thinnest and Flexible Wireless Charging Pads

World's first ever thinnest and flexible charging pad
Xpad. Credit: Indiegogo

Xpad by PlusUs is touted as the world's thinnest and first-ever flexible charging pad made entirely of genuine Italian leather, real timber veneer or cork.

The eco-friendly charging pad boasts a modern design and suitable for all smartphone sizes and ideal for any home or workplace.

Unlike conventional charging pads, Xpad uses eco-friendly materials to make it naturally flexible and durable.

The innovative handmade Xpad is just 2.2 mm thin, which is about 75% thinner than any conventional charging pads available on the market.  The minimalistic and flexible design of the pad allows users to use it on any surface, including the contoured couch armrest.

Xpad also features an adaptive smart chip technology to automatically detect QI enabled devices for fast charging. It can also be used with all wall chargers and compatible with USB and Type C ports.

The thinnest and flexible wireless charging pad is safe to use due to the internal structure which is made of cork. Cork can naturally reduce heat transfer during charging because of its thermal insulation.

Xpad is being introduced on Indiegogo and also offers limited early bird specials with several rewards.. (via)

Flexible and thinnest charging pad ever
Xpad.Credit: Indiegogo
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