Handheld Skin Toning Device

Line Smoothing Device. Credit: Mynuface

The Line Smoothing is a new skincare device from NuFACE that will improve facial contour and reduce wrinkles. The compact handheld beauty tool is also referred to as a "mascara sized microcurrent device."

The Line Smoothing device is paired with  Line Smoothing Serum which is believed to be the World's first ever microcurrent skincare. The clinically proven skincare formula helps to give firm, smooth and tighten skin, The serum is enriched with magnesium gemstone and hyaluronic acid to boost natural energy and provide long-lasting hydration.

The pen-sized smoothing device can be used anytime and anywhere to get your skincare needs. The  Line Smoothing device is easily rechargeable and very easy to use. (via)

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