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CYOA Amazon Alexa Skill. Credit: Digital trend.

You can recall reading the Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) series that was originally published between 1978 and 1998. Chooseco LLC, the owners of CYOA series, has partnered with Amazon's Audible for a new series of Alexa Skill that will allow users to enjoy the interactive stories via Amazon Echo devices, Amazon's Alexa iOS or Android device app.

The CYOA series will be family and kid-friendly that means kids of all ages can enjoy the adventure series.

The original game allows users to choose between two alternatives before the adventure begins, as the adventure progresses it can lead to failure or death. The new CYOA audible series will give unlimited alternatives to listeners so that they can go always go back if their choice leads to immediate disaster or leading the plot in the wrong direction.

According to Digital Trends, users who use Alexa on more than one device and have started CYOA adventure and left off can easily complete the journey on any registered Amazon Echo device without installing or enabling the Alexa Skill.  (via)

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