Customizable Star Wars Inspired Keycaps Are Specially For The Fans

Star Wars Inspired Keycaps

NovelKeys' The Star Wars Galactic Empire DSA Keycap is ideal for the fans who are looking to give an ultimate makeover to their keyboard. The project is designed in collaboration between NovelKeys, Disney and Signature Plastics.

The hardware accessory parts feature 157-keys with 8 novelty keycaps with dye-sublimated lettering that will not fade out soon. The keycaps easily fit onto any individual keys of a keyboard.

The Star Wars inspired keyboard is available in two versions - Pure Aurebash and Aurebash with English letters. The Pure Aurebash comes with the script of the most widely used language in the galaxy, the Aurebash language.

The officially licensed keycap set is priced at $250 and it can be pre-ordered.

The product will certainly prove to be in demand irrespective of its price and it will showcase one's loyalty and great love for the movie franchise. (via)


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