Foldable Pizza Ad To Mock Samsung Galaxy Fold

Domino's Fold Hold Pizza Mocks Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was launched in February 2019 and described as the biggest technological advancement since the first Galaxy ten years ago. It seems that the foldable concept phone has become a centerpiece for some famous brands to make visual references to their latest products.

A few days ago the famous Danish Toymaker LEGO mocked the Galaxy Fold with its own foldable pop-up storybook. Now Domino's Pizza has also joined the bandwagon to poke fun at the new foldable concept phone.

Domino's Pizza Singapore has made an ad to introduce 'The Fold Hold', slices of pizzas folded to each other. The ad teases Samsung by saying that Domino's has been using the folding technology long before the first Galaxy.

The ad features an image of two slices of pizzas and specifies that it has a special built-in anti-spill mechanism. (via)

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