Portable Smart Photo Printer

The Leica smart photo printer is the perfect way to quickly and easily print your smartphone photos.

Photo Printer

Have you ever tried to capture a moment with your smartphone, only to wish that the photo was just a little bit better? No matter how hard we try, our smartphones are just not meant for taking photos. Their small lenses and sensors simply cannot compare to high-quality DSLR cameras. With Leica's new smart photo printer though, now you can print memories straight from your phone.

Created by Deokhee Jeong, the Leica smart photo printer directly connects to your smartphone and provides users with a way of printing photos straight after capture.

Is a photo printer still relevant? It depends. If it has user-friendly features and is something you can carry around easily, I mean portable. The Leica printer has a size that easily fits in your pocket. It also acts as a power bank to your phone and serves as a memory backup.

It can be your good travel companion to capture some beautiful moments. The smart photo printer can be used in both portrait and landscape mode. (via)

Photo Printer

Photo Printer

The Leica Photo Printer

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