August 4, 2021

Male Breastfeeding Kit : New Hormone Kit Allows Fathers To Feed Kids

MaleBreastfeeding Kit

This ain’t a joke or an April Fool Prank.  Product design graduate Marie-Claire Springham has designed a hormone kit that will allow fathers to feed babies and it could help to reduce pressure on new mothers.

The kit includes a breast pump, a compression vest, and hormones to boost lactation. According to Springham, the chest feeding kit is designed to make it user-friendly and less intimidating.

The chest feeding project requires couples to attend a prenatal course before pregnancy. After the course fathers will receive progestin for nine months. Progestin is the most common type of medication for hormonal birth control and currently, it is used as an oral contraceptive pill that is non-estrogen-based.

Six weeks before the birth, the father starts to take a drug called domperidone. This will help to produce milk in the time of birth.

The concept is still in the testing stage and will help couples struggling with postnatal depressions and also allow parents to be more engaged with their kids. (via)

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