Male Breastfeeding Kit

New Hormone Kit Allows Fathers To Feed Kids.

MaleBreastfeeding Kit

This is neither a joke nor an April Fool's Day prank. Marie-Claire Springham, a product design graduate, has created a hormone kit that will allow fathers to nurse their kids and may assist to relieve stress on new moms.

The equipment comprises a breast pump, a compression garment, and lactation hormones. The chestfeeding kit, according to Springham, is intended to be user-friendly and less scary.

Before becoming pregnant, couples must attend a prenatal course as part of the chestfeeding initiative. Fathers will be given progestin for nine months after the training. Progestin is the most often used form of the drug for hormonal birth control, and it is now utilized as a non-estrogen-based oral contraceptive pill.

Six weeks before the delivery, the father begins taking domperidone. This will aid in the production of milk at the time of birth.

The concept is still in the testing stage and will help couples struggling with postnatal depressions and also allow parents to be more engaged with their kids. (via)

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