The World's First 5G Hub Allows Users To Stream 4K Content

HTC 5G Hub Home Media. Credit: HTC

As consumers spend more of their time online than before, the demand for a home media center is exceptionally rising. That's the reason why there is a need to introduce a new solution to meet the rising demand for data and connectivity.

The HTC 5G Hub Media is the World's first of its kind that allows users to stream 4K content without interruption.

The Hub has a 5G connectivity which eliminates the use of a traditional home router. The remote-controlled Hub also features an effortless voice control system.

HTC Hub Media's ultra-fast connectivity also offers a low-latency gaming experience for gamers with a 4K resolution for their favorite games.

The 5G Hub can be taken everywhere and the best thing is that users can link up to 20 different hubs to create an office-wide 5G network. (via)

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