World's First Vagina Beer

World's first vagina beer

Sounds fishy and quite controversial. The Order Of Yoni, Poland based brewery,  has claimed to have created the world's first beer with vaginal lactic acid. However, there is another essential part of this special beer that will make you think twice before taking a sip.

The brewery claims that it used bacteria from the vaginas of two adult models. Smears were taken from the models and then sent it to a laboratory to isolate the lactic acid before the production.

Some people believe that it is just a publicity stunt to grab attention and make money. Questions are raised whether these adult models were tested for sexually transmitted diseases and have the brewery conducted any hygienic test to make the beer consumable. The brewery confirmed that they had conducted every necessary test to ensure that it is free from any disease. (via: slavorum, Indiegogo)

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