Customizable LED Backpack For Children

 PixMini Backpack

PixMini is being dubbed as the world's first smart backpack with a programmable screen. The customizable backpack for kids that allows to create animations and display them on the screen of the backpack with the help of an integrated in-app image editor.

The smart backpack not only accommodates various designs but also assures child safety.  The backpack's glowing animation assures clear visibility on the road at night. The geolocation feature also allows parents to know the exact location of their kids on the map. There is also an alarm feature to assure that a child never moves far away from the backpack.

PixMini is designed to develop a child's thinking, helps to socialize with friends and boosts confidence. It is also a practical item that enables kids to carry all school essentials.

The customizable backpack can be controlled through an app compatible with any iOS/Android device.  (via)

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