Airbus' New Concept Airplane Is Inspired By Bird

Bird Of Prey

Airbus' Bird Of Prey is a new concept airplane designed to make look like a bird. The bronze-colored flying machine with the tendril-tipped wings is inspired by nature and the concept was unveiled by Airbus at the Royal International Air Tattoo air show.

The concept plane would be sustainable as it could provide a 30 - 50 percent reduction in fuel burn to deliver a greener, cleaner, and quieter flying.

The design of Bird Of Prey incorporates the idea of biomimicry, where designs, structures, and systems are inspired by nature. It is an attempt to replace the traditional thick wings with a new type of flexible wings that function like a bird's wings.

Airbus has no plans to build such an airplane but the adoption of hybrid propulsion systems in aviation is currently under development. (via)

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