July 29, 2021

AI Humanoid Robot Created Paintings In An Exhibition

AI humanoid robot Ai-Da can draw, paint and create sculptures.

AI humanoid robot named Ai-Da created paintings, drawings, and sculpture was revealed at a gallery at the University of Oxford.

 The AI humanoid is named after the scientist Ada Lovelace and it was invented by gallery director Aidan Meller and developed at Leeds University.

Ai-Da is capable of drawing things with the help of an in-built camera and a mechanical arm. The algorithm detects and generates a virtual route through artificial intelligence that enables Ai-Da’s arm to navigate and draw things.

The drawing robot also features facial-recognition technology that allows creating pencil portraits of people. (via)

ai da robot ai paintings technology

ai da robot ai paintings technology1

Photo credit: Viktor Frankowski ( as mentioned on Dezeen)

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