World's First Artificial Intelligence Bar To Organize Drink Orders

Artificial Intelligenence Bar System

British data science company DataSparQ has designed the world's first AI (artificial intelligence) queue system that uses facial recognition system that will help bartenders to organize drink orders.

The system lets the bartender know who should be served next and it will maximize the ordering efficiency and keep the drinks flowing. The system displays a live video of everyone queueing up to place an order and gives them an estimated wait time until they get served. The AI queue system also does an automatic age verification if someone looks underage. At the end of every night, the data collected by the system is deleted.

The AI bar system is currently undergoing a trial at 5cc Harrild & Sons bar in London. The intelligent queue system requires a webcam, display screen, and high-speed internet connection and it costs only $240.  (via)
 Photo credit: Engadget

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