Retro Gaming Console Recreated to Pay Homage to Dieter Ram

The retro-inspired gaming console is packed with 10,000 games.
Portable retro gaming console

Love Holten's The R-Kaid-R SK-4 is an old school inspired gaming console to focus on functionality.

The retro gaming console is the combination of a record player and a pocket radio that was designed by Dieter Rams for Braun in the '50s.

Rams designed timeless products that focus more on functionality rather than futuristic appeal. Following Rams' footsteps, Love Hulten designed a sleek and very simple gaming console with the vintage appeal that can store10,000 emulated games from the past that will appeal modern gamers with a taste for retro games.

The console is outfitted with a screen and a built-in speaker including a joystick and buttons to make your favorite games easy to control.

The R-Kaid-R SK-4 gaming console closes up like a briefcase making it suitable for using anywhere and wherever we go.

It is not clear if this retro-inspired gaming console will be up for sale, but it can be an amazing piece of decor to be admired. (via)

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