Day of the Dead Barbie Dolls

The Day of the Dead Barbie dolls marks the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday.

Day of the Dead Barbie doll

Day of the Dead (Diá de Muertos) is an annual holiday in Mexico to commemorate the lives of departed loved ones. To mark the impressive Mexican holiday in November, Mattel has released a special edition of Barbie dolls to celebrate the Mexican culture and its tradition.

The Day of the Dead Barbie doll is inspired by Catrina's makeup and it wears a long embroidered dress that is similar to the traditional textiles from indigenous communities in Mexico.

The dress also features colorful flowers and Monarch butterflies that are significant to Michoacán. The butterflies are a symbol of death and rebirth and many believe that the Monarch butterflies carry the souls of the departed ones.

Day of the Dead Barbie doll

The doll's face is decorated with a traditional skull design which is also a part of the annual celebration. The doll also wears a crown made of Marigold flowers and Monarch butterflies. Marigold flowers are also important items as they are placed alongside offerings on altars especially made in honor of the departed.

The cultural celebration Barbie dolls cost $75 and they can be purchased online on Mattel's official site.  (via)

Day of the Dead Barbie doll

Photo credit: Culturacollective.

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