Aesthetic Gaming Mouse

Lillquist's Logitech Salvo is an aesthetically designed gaming mouse to satisfy the needs of avid gamers.

Logitech Salvo gaming mouse

German industrialist designer Robbie Lillquist created the conceptual Logitech Salvo gaming mouse with an aesthetic design to deliver a professional gaming experience.

Lillquist's Logitech Salvo mouse is a hybrid peripheral with unique mode switch allowing gamers to switch to different modes without using any software or application.

The wireless device has six different buttons assigned with different functions. The mouse has two variations - glass-filled nylon and high-durometer elastomer intended to focus on precision user experience.

The conceptual gaming device also features a removable battery enabling gamers to recharge and swap it with a spare one.

The ergonomic Lillquist's Logitech Salvo mouse with a futuristic design will surely satisfy every gamer needs. (via)

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