Pig-Shaped Wooden Cabin Rental

Piggy Cabin Rental

If you are a pig lover and want to get a taste of the countryside, here is a chance to have a different camping experience.

The Pig Pod is the world's first mobile piggy house fitted with all the necessities to make it an ideal pod for individuals or groups to enjoy the taste of the countryside.

The Orchard Pig is a UK-based cider company offering a stay in a massive pig-shaped wooden cabin available for rent via Airbnb.  The mobile wooden pod fits up to 12 and sleeps two.

The cabin features a wooden design with a pink exterior. The interior of the pod is decorated with lamps, flags, and lanterns. It is available with weatherproofed facilities and cooking equipment. The mobile Pig Pod is for delivery anywhere in the UK.

According to a statement by The Orchard Pig, "the portable pod will be brought to the location of your choice and equipped with all the camping essentials (but not too many - this is about embracing nature and living the piggy lifestyle...)."

The advert also states, "Your stay will include: full use of the piggy pod designed to have you sleeping like a pig in a blanket, fully weatherproofed facilities with sleeping bags, festoon lighting, cooking equipment, and soft furnishings provided - far more inviting than your average tent."  (via)

Wooden Piggy Pods

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